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Mutsunori Takahashi
Taiko Electric Inc. is located in Okayama Prefecture, a rapidly developing industrial base in the Chugoku and Shikoku Regions as well as the Pacific belt zone. We have worked hard to make Taiko Electric what it is today through devoted effort with a focus on our specialization and the commitment to contribute to the advancement of the industry. Above all, we recognize the value of customer satisfaction and deeply appreciate those who have allowed us to serve them over the years.
As customer needs have become more diverse and complex over time, companies in the industry have had to redouble their commitment to highly-advanced technical innovation. Within this environment, Taiko Electric has maintained its lead in the industry by continually reflecting the know-how it has accumulated to planning and design that ensure superior products and services.
Mutsunori Takahashi
Taiko Electric Inc.


1978: August President Mutsunori Takahashi opens Takahashi Electric and starts contract work for construction.
1979: January The Company opens its No. 1 Plant for switchboard work.
  November The organization is reformed into Takahashi Electric Inc. with 500,000 yen in capital.
1980: October The Company begins manufacturing control panels for microcomputers.
1981: January The Company’s No. 2 Plant is built to manufacture control panels for microcomputers.
1982: January The Company transfers the office from the No. 1 Plant to the No. 2 Plant.
  June The Company establishes its No. 3 Plant to handle sheet metal, which it had previously been outsourced.
1984: February The Company transfers its headquarters to the No. 2 Plant and increases its capital to 8 million yen.
  February The Company is renamed Taiko Electric Inc.
1986: January The Company establishes a logistics center.
1990: March The Company purchases its current location at 319-6 Uchio, Okayama.
  September Eotec Limited is founded to handle manufacturing for Tempearl Industrial Co., Ltd.
1991:   The Company starts Taise Industrial Limited at the No. 3 Plant.
  December The Company integrates its Logistics Center with its No. 1 and No. 2 Plants, and transfers them to the current location.
1993: November The Company increases its capital to 12 million yen.
1994: April The Company purchases approximately 2,600 m2 of land at Skill-Miyako Industrial Park.
  September Construction of the Fujita Plant begins.
1995: June The Fujita Plant opens at Skill-Miyako Industrial Park.
1999: June Manufacturing is integrated into the Uchio Plant at the Company headquarters following the cessation of orders from Naigai Energering Inc. The Fujita Plant is vacated.
2000: June Eotec Limited enters the Kanto Region to start manufacturing and sales in Saitama.
2001: December Koji Takahashi assumes the post of Eotec Limited President.
2002: October The Fujita Plant is refurbished to begin electrolyzed water production focusing on Soba-no-me (buckwheat sprouts).
2003: February The Fujita Plant begins production of Soba-no-me (buckwheat sprouts).
2006: October Sales of udon noodles at a street stand start at Nomaru-Engei.
  December Sales of udon noodles begin in Saitama.
The Company starts business with the No. 2 East-Japan Sales Department of Naigai Energering Inc.
2009: April The Fujita Plant office opens an udon noodle restaurant.
  July The Company ceases production of Soba-no-me (buckwheat sprouts).
  December The Company implements Ryukyu hyperthermic potentiation and begins operation next to the udon noodle restaurant.
2012: December The Company starts working on the production of lithium-ion batteries, a major theme.
2013: June The Company receives a national subsidy of 645 million yen.
September The Company ceases production of batteries due to management issues with related companies.
2014: January Nobuyoshi Takahashi is dispatched to E&M Engineering Co., Ltd. to train on a degreasing furnace equipped with an exhaust combustion furnace.
  April The Company starts mediated sales of new cars for sale as used.
December The udon noodle restaurant closes after 5 years in business.
2015: September Nobuyoshi Takahashi assumes the position of Director.


[Company Name] Taiko Electric Inc.
[Representative] President
Mutsunori Takahashi
[Established] August 16, 1978
[Founded] November 21, 1979
[Capital] 12 million yen
[Number of Employees] 13 (including 5 part-timers)
319-6 Uchio, Minami-ku, Okayama 701-0212
Tel: +81-86-281-1251
Fax: +81-86-281-1295
Taiko Electric Inc. Headquarters

Fujita Plant
230-456 Fujita, Minami-ku, Okayama 701-0221
Tel: +81-86-296-7737
Fax: +81-86-296-3212
Taiko Electric Inc. Fujita Plant
[Plant Size] Headquarters
Premise: 990㎡
Building: 330㎡

Fujita Plant
Premise: 2,582㎡
Building: 796㎡
[Major Clients] Toyo Bearing Co., Ltd.
Tempearl Industrial Co., Ltd., etc.
[Relationship Banks] Okayama Shinkin Bank, Seno-o Branch
TOMATO BANK, LTD., Seno-o Branch
THE IYO BANK, LTD., Okayama-Minami Branch

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